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Everything we do at InTouch Integrated Rehab is centered around our patients and getting you back to a level of health that gives you back a pain free and enjoyable lifestyle. To achieve this we have created a multidisciplinary practice to address your needs, from the acute stage and on through to Wellness care to maintain your healthy new self. We bring together a dedicated team of North American trained Chiropractors, skilled Physical Therapists and Exercise Rehabilitation Professionals who are all dedicated to your goal of a pain free healthy lifestyle.

The moment you walk through our door you will experience a friendly caring environment; from a warm greeting from our reception team to the attentive personalized care from our clinical staff. We offer you a tried and true thoroughly integrated rehabilitation management system that gives you back the quality of life you deserve and arms you with the knowledge to maintain it.

Your first visit will include a thorough examination and a personalized written care plan to help you recover from your injury, whether you are experiencing back and/or neck pain, headaches, sciatic pain, joint pain, muscle injuries or other conditions which are debilitating and affecting your daily quality of life.

Integrated Care

At InTouch we have skilled experienced chiropractors working hand in hand with highly trained physical therapists and exercise rehab therapists to give you the best possible chance of complete recovery in the shortest time. All members of our team work together to integrate your care and help you understand all aspects of it. Pain is only a symptom of an underlying health problem. Our focus is on Whole Body Wellness through patient education; prevention is the core of our care. Integrated care at InTouch is the combination of any of the three of our services and allows us to provide quick pain relief supported by specific exercises that stabilize the area of your injury. At InTouch our care goes beyond the instant temporary relief that can be provided by electro therapy and a hot pack. We place a high emphasis on Active Care (exercise rehab) to get you back to living the life you want faster. Getting to the source of the problem and treating it effectively allows for better clinical outcomes which translates into a happier and healthier You.

Common musculoskeletal problems that we treat are: decreased joint range of motion, muscle spasms and trigger points, adhesions/ scar tissue contracture, decreased strength, decreased endurance and poor balance.

We believe our approach to be an effective and efficient way to rid you of your pain, repair your injury, keep you out of pain and get you back to enjoying life.


To deliver best practice in all aspects of evidence based integrated rehabilitation and wellness care, supporting the Government of Bahrain’s vision of providing world-class healthcare to the population, while maintaining an environment in which the needs of the patients and employees are met with dignity and integrity. To be a proactive member of Bahrain’s multicultural community by providing education and support for the promotion of healthy living.



Compassionate ethical patient centered care within a multidisciplinary integrated care model. As a patient, you will experience the same quality and consistency of care from all our team. Respect of cultural diversity and personal dignity will be maintained. We strive for open communication and transparency in every patient encounter.

Our Team

Our staff members are our primary assets. Dedication, innovation and commitment to our mission is encouraged and supported through continuing education and consistent training and development to maximize the potential of our team. Across the disciplines an environment of teamwork is fostered through respect for clinical expertise, cultural perspective, and pursuit of a common goal of quality healthcare. Ethics and integrity are essential.

Sustainable Growth

Sound business structure, which allows for the provision of world-class healthcare while ensuring adequate financial return for all stakeholders involved.

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