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TENS Units (& Electrical Stimulation)

by Dr Dillon Cuppusamy Many patients have portable TENS units at home, and many who don’t have asked us about them during treatment, so here is some basic information for you. What is TENS?   TENS or Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, makes use of a mobile...

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Text Neck

by Dr. Andrea Ignacio Many of us wake up in the morning and immediately check our phone, just for a few seconds or minutes. Then a few seconds later…we do it again. Think about how many times this happens between waking and bed time – and not just with our phones, but...

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Adhesive Capsulitis aka Frozen Shoulder

by Dr. Dillon Cuppusamy “Frozen shoulder”, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, is a condition we see regularly that is characterized by stiffness of the shoulder, reduced range of motion and associated pain in specific shoulder/arm movements. The shoulder capsule often...

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by Dr. Dillon Cuppusamy We work extensively here in Bahrain with contact athletes, as well as a wide range of patients who have had a recent trauma such as a road traffic accident. Unfortunately this means we often encounter concussions. A concussion is a traumatic...

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Migraines and Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Dr. Stephen Lee Migraine The main cause of migraines is abnormal blood vessel contraction and expansion caused by brain pressure, while normal contraction and expansion of blood vessels is basically related to the autonomic nervous system. Migraine is not a problem...

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InTouch Informed Consent 101

by Dr. Andrea Ignacio Informed Consent - Treatment, Risks, Options and Alternatives Occasionally conflict occurs during the intake of a new patient to InTouch, so we wanted to address the issue because it impacts every patient, as well as helping to highlight a major...

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Clinical Red Flags

by Dr. Dillon Cuppusamy  When you visit our clinic, the doctors will take a thorough history and perform a comprehensive examination. This is done in order to ensure our diagnosis for your case is accurate and the treatment is appropriate. Two aspects of your case we...

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InTouch Foam Rolling 101

by Dr. Andrea Ignacio At InTouch we regularly recommend specific exercises or stretches to our patients, and this can include Foam Rolling areas of your body that will improve your condition or performance, or help reduce your pain. This post is intended to provide...

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Listen To Your Body!

by Dr. Amy Bowzaylo In our busy lives it is often the case that when we feel a twinge or a niggle in our neck or back or any other area in the body for that matter, we tend to ignore it and just get on with it. Why? Work commitments, running kids around for school,...

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