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Dr Amy Bowzaylo Testimonials

“I went to see Dr. Amy after being diagnosed with a bulging disc in my back, neck being out of place, muscle tightness everywhere in my back and hips. I was in constant pain and discomfort and some days and eventually I couldn’t walk.

Dr. Amy was the first person in four years to actually realize my problem was more severe. She was the only person to suggest I see a surgeon which led to a back operation which was the only path to recovery. I have since used Dr. Amy to rehabilitate my back and treat all my back ailments and I am now pain free.

I would highly recommend Dr. Amy to treat individuals who suffer from chronic back problems, sciatica, stiffness and any disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system. It isn’t just the treatment she gives but the follow up care and prevention management skills she will pass on to you.

Thank you, Dr. Amy for keeping my pain free.”

Debbie Al Asfoor

“Dr. Amy is extremely professional and an expert in her field. My back has never felt the same – for the better!”

Dr. Clare Beckett-Mcinroy

“For anyone looking for a Chiropractor in Bahrain I can highly recommend Dr Amy. Very relaxed and professional, her experience and communication style is super helpful. Couldn’t be happier.”

Shayne McAuley

“I have utilized Dr. Amy’s physio and chiropractic services for over a year on numerous occasions and for various type sports injuries. I also visit her clinic for what I call general maintenance and wellbeing visits, which help me greatly in keeping up with a vigorous exercise program at my age.

In my opinion, she is by far the best I have experienced in Bahrain. I have recommended many friends and colleagues who have also benefited and gave positive feedback. Strongly recommended!”

Hassan Jarrar

“Dr. Amy is great at what she does. She really helped me and she is a professional.”

Ahmed Tarradah

“My son was having recurrent ear aches, with fluid in his ears that wouldn’t go away. We were about to put tubes in his ears. A session with Dr Amy helped the fluid drain, and he stayed ear ache free for over six months! Thanks Dr Amy!!”

Sarah A.

“After many months of constant pain, treatment and even medication that did nothing to alleviate my discomfort and immobility, I finally ended up with Dr Amy. During the first consultation she was able to correctly diagnose my problem and immediately set to work plus provided me with a comprehensive plan to manage my treatment. After 3 sessions I was able to walk normally and within a month had full back mobility.

I owe Dr. Amy all my gratitude and would highly recommend her and her practice to ANYONE with any form of muscle/back or skeletal pain and injury.”

Elize Knuppel

“I have been a patient of Dr. Amy Bowzaylo since February 2012. She has helped me lessen my chronic back pain and related muscle spasms in my lower back. Dr. Amy tries different therapies to find the best ones that work and takes a long term approach towards treatment. She has provided me with exercises and therapies that have worked well for me. I would recommend Dr. Amy to anyone with chronic pain due to joint dysfunctions.”

David Leiker

“I have been living for 2 years in Bahrain and have suffered from back issues for quite some time due to my tendency to enjoy impact sports and activities. Initially I was very hesitant to visit a chiropractor in Bahrain as I had extreme difficulty in finding a reputable and reliable chiropractors clinic. I was recommended to Dr. Amy by a friend in Bahrain over a year ago and have been visiting her regularly since.

From my first visit I have continued to return due to a combination of Dr. Amy’s unmistakable professional skill combined with her personal touch and attention to my individual requirements. I have found significant relief in her treatments and she has always made time to give a treatment as required. In most cases this involved incorporating my hectic work, sporting and personal schedule into her availabilities; in some cases creating availabilities outside of normal work hours if the treatment was pressing.

I would highly recommend Dr. Amy’s chiropractic clinic to everybody who is in search of a highly professional chiropractor who treats each patient as an individual and to their individual needs.”

Peter Leibrich

With the help of Dr. Amy, I won two shows in one week – the Zack Khan Classic and the English Grand Prix, UK.

As my chiropractor she helps me with my lower back issues. I was able to improve my strength, especially with squatting and my balance which is important for symmetry in competitions.

With more power I could push more weights without the pain. I gained more muscle as well!

Dr. Amy is amazing at her job and essential for my training regimen.

Thank you!

Hameed Juma

Professional Body Builder

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