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After suffering for more than two months of constant pain, mobility problems and many sleepless nights, I was referred to Dr. Andrea who diagnosed my problem during the first consultation and promptly started with a course of treatment. After the first two sessions within a few days of each other I started to feel the pain subside and most of all I was able to get a good night’s sleep without waking up in agony. The treatment plan was intense at first and then gradually reduced to weekly sessions and subsequently monthly visits as part of a health & maintenance plan.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Andrea and the InTouch Clinic team for giving me back a pain free lifestyle with full mobility.

Thank you!

Anthony Green

I had back pain for several months and saw many doctors and physical therapists but nothing helped. I finally went to InTouch Clinic and saw Dr. Andrea. She was the only person in months to understand my pain and help me make a plan to improve my condition. I was in constant pain when I first met Dr. Andrea and now the pain is almost non-existent. The improvement, not only to my back, but to my mental well-being has dramatically improved since seeing Dr. Andrea.

I would highly recommend Dr. Andrea to anyone suffering from back pain. Her professionalism and friendly attitude make her the go-to person in Bahrain.

Laila El-Jallad

My lower back pain started around June 2015.  Before that, I have never had any major or chronic back-related issues.  From around June to December 2015, I started experiencing a steady increase in injuries when doing sports and physical activities.  The pain would always start with the piriformis, which would then migrate to my lower back (at times it would make its way up to my middle back).   By October 2015, my injuries became more frequent and could be triggered inexplicably (e.g. in my sleep).  In addition, the recovery period from the back pain was steadily becoming longer and longer.  During this period, I was seeing Dr. Andrea as well getting regular massage therapy at InTouch Clinic & this helped to alleviate the pain tremendously, but the relief was temporary.  However, it all came to a head in early January 2016 while my wife and I were on holiday.  During the night, I turned in my sleep and that set off a chain reaction which rendered me immobile for the rest of our holiday.

The rest of January and February 2016 were brutal months.  I was still suffering; by this stage I had been unable to pursue my regular training for nearly 2 months & this was the longest I’d been without physical activity in 18 years! I was also on anti-inflammatory medication and muscle relaxants, regular massages and physio therapy & the pain would subside for half a day or so – I was seeing no real improvement and slowly getting more and more frustrated.

One day, while I was in a meeting, my back suddenly went into spasm and I was in a lot of pain. I dropped everything and went to see Dr. Andrea at InTouch Clinic.  After a lot of discussion about my situation, Dr. Andrea asked if she could examine my car.  I informed her that that my car had nothing to do with my back as I have been driving it for nearly 4 years, whereas my issue started around June 2015!  Despite my stubbornness, Dr. Andrea insisted.  She took my car keys and went to have a look.  She noticed a slight indent on one side of the driver’s car seat.  The penny dropped! You see, in April 2015, we moved to a new house.  My morning commute (which used to be 10 minutes along a highway and fast moving traffic) became 40-60 mins in slow moving, stop-start traffic.  My car is a sports car with a notoriously heavy clutch.  Since we moved house, my daily commute meant that I was constantly engaging the clutch & it was equivalent to having a 20-minute workout, 5 days a week, for 8 months only on one side of my body. This created a muscle imbalance in the largest muscles in my body.

After the Eureka moment, I stopped driving my car and within 3 days I actually began to see improvements for the first time.  3 weeks later, I was back doing light weights and strengthening exercises.  Shortly after that, I resumed my normal activities/sports.

I’d hate to think what I would have done had I not seen Dr. Andrea – thank you!

(Dr’s note – it was actually Ziad who, while being questioned about activities of daily living and changes in routine, happened to comment that his commute was the only change, in distance, duration and quality, around the time of his first pain & this is what led me to ask to see his car. We tell patients that 80% of our potential diagnosis comes from what they tell us during extensive history-taking. In Ziad’s case, as with most patients, he essentially knew the root cause of his own pain without realizing it!)

Ziad Khoury

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