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Fatima Dawood

Fatima Dawood

Front Office Administration

Fatima was born and raised in Bahrain and is married with two children.

When she finished her studies, she joined the fashion industry. Meanwhile she needed to seek Chiropractic care because of her disc injury in her lower back. This is how she found InTouch Clinic and met Dr. Amy.  She received and continues to receive Chiropractic care from Dr. Amy and feels that this has changed her life.  While getting her treatments, she was interested to join the team at InTouch Clinic.  Does she like her job?  Yes, because she can be part of the team to help people and raise awareness of Chiropractic in Bahrain and the Gulf.  She feels a lot of people are still not aware of Chiropractic and she would like to share her success story.

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