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by Dr. Sarah Braddell

Enjoy this curated collection of links with up-to-date information on how to care for your feet – just click on the images!

Some seem simple, but they can make a difference to your feet.

Some simple tips on how to look after your feet and make sure you are treating them the best you can.

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful problem for many people in the Kingdom due to the style of footwear. Unfortunately it can take a while to resolve. Here are a few easy treatments that can help over time.

A few words of advice on how to look after your feet during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can have an impact on your feet.

Here’s an interesting advice sheet for anyone with diabetes, with some good advice on how to look after your feet and be aware of when something may be wrong. Statistics estimated that approximately 15% of the population of Bahrain has Diabetes.

Veruccae can be painful, unsightly, embarrassing and not very easy to treat. Some interesting advice on how they are caused and how to help prevent them.

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